Pool Problems

Routine pool inspections from the CDC resulted in a high percentage (12.1%) of immediate closures because of serious code violations.

Pool Problems

The ProblemIt’s all about identifying and mitigating risks.

Did You Know? There are many ways for your pool to fall out of compliance.

  • Every year, there are nearly 5,200 emergency room visits due to injuries from pool chemicals.
  • A recent study shows that 11.8% (1 out of 8) of public pool and 15.1% (1 out of 7) of public spa inspections resulted in immediate closure because of at least one serious violation.
  • An average of 27.5% of Commercial Spas fail the proper pH inspection?
  • Up to 78.9% (4 of 5) of routine aquatic venue inspections identified at least one violation
  • Annually in the U.S., approximately 200,000 individuals seek emergency care for injuries associated with swimming pools, and nearly 700 experience fatal drowning.
  • Samples of public pool water found 58% (93 of out 161) contained E. coli, an indicator of contamination by feces.

Why take the risk?There is a solution.

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